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St. Vincent Pallotti (Our Founder)

Vincent Pallotti was born on 21st April1795 at Via del Pellegrino in Rome. His parents were Pietro Paolo Pallotti and Maddalena De Rossi.. He was the third of ten children. In his tender years, Vincent was spiritually guided by his parents as well as by his Spiritual Director, Abbot Bernardino Fazzini. He was ordained priest in the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano on 16 May 1818. On 9th January 1835, Vincent was inspired by God to found the Union of the Catholic Apostolate composed of priests, sisters and the lay faithful, to propagate the Catholic faith throughout the world, to combat evil and to promote goodness.

This couldn’t be achieved by priests and religious alone but depended also on the collaboration of lay people. For the realization of this spiritual project, the fundamental guide and inspiration of Vincent was ‘Jesus, the Apostle of the Father’. While he invited all the members to imitate Christ, he also presented ‘Mary, Queen of the Apostles’ as the perfect Model of every apostolate.
Pallotti extended his apostolic works in the city of Rome and surroundings - to people who belonged to different classes, trades and professions, to the poor and to the marginalized, to the sick, to the different groups of young people, to the various universities and schools, as well as to the Agricultural Schools and to the Military. Seminarians were provided with academic, spiritual and missionary formation. Vincent Pallotti gave a particular attention to prisoners. Vincent was also a great preacher and a tireless confessor.

One of the initiatives undertaken by Pallotti was that of establishing the ‘Solemn Octave of the Epiphany’ through which he invited all the different Catholic Rites to re-enkindle their faith and love, and to create Christian unity in the Church. Vincent died on 22nd January 1850 at San Salvatore in Onda, in Rome. A hundred years later, on the same day, he was proclaimed “Blessed” by Pope Pius XII, and on 20th January 1963, he was canonized a Saint of the Church by Pope John XXIII.

We, the Pallottine Sisters, are one of the member communities of the Union of the Catholic Apostolate (i.e. Pallottine Family). At first we were entrusted, by the Founder himself, the task of taking care of orphan girls who were victims of the cholera epidemic of 1837, in Rome. In these houses, called ‘Pious Houses of Charity’ even today, we continue to offer care and education to poor children of families in difficulty, and of immigrants. Today, the Pallottine Family has grown and is present in 45 countries, in all Continents, and growing. We are at the service of the Kingdom of God through various apostolic endeavours, according to the signs and needs of time and place. Our missionary commitment includes: care of the poor, schools, hospitals, nursing, pastoral activities, missions, and as you find here - ‘Houses of hospitality’.

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